Narrowing the distance between the viewer and the artwork, Svetlana wishes to make the world of art more engaging rather than intimidating. Encouraging people to touch her art unlocking different sensations, it creates a special bond between the viewer and the canvas. Even those who unable to see art can still feel it.
Into the Sea Artwork from the Abstract Impasto collection.
you can touch
the art
Painting from a desire to create an emotional experience, Svetlana Morbini creates three-dimensional fluid shapes in vibrant colours as a field for imaginative exploration.
Recent exhibitions
In Svetlana's Art Studio:

Vibrant long-lasting colours.
All the artworks are painted with art supplies from the best manufacturers and varnished for extra UV protection, making sure they last for decades to come.

Sensorial experience.

Svetlana creates her art for emotional engagement. Thick and vibrant layers of paint produce a unique sensorial and visual experience.
Art created to be touched.

Your perfect art piece.

Svetlana Morbini's artworks are currently present in collectors' homes in Russia, UK and Brazil. Regardless of your location and space, there is painting waiting to be yours.

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