Fictional character living in the real world.

Every digital illustration is created based on the real location, event and fashion item, in this way portraying the reality familiar to many of us, using characteristics of classic 2D cartoon style.
Some of the main themes of Mr Capybara's illustrations are: Mind the Gap, 1st Time in London, Hidden Gems and Fashion Icon.

From the boredom of the lockdowns to a fashion icon.
What started as a lockdown
project with the desire to show the best bits of London without leaving the house, 3 years later turned into an independent content creation project, combining two exciting topics: fashion and London.
Mr Capybara is a hand-drawn fictional character inspired by a charming rodent I came across while living in the South of Brazil. Being famous for its chill nature capybaras are perfect reminders of embracing your true self wherever you are.

Wearable art
In 2021 to celebrate the first collection of illustrations, limited edition T-shirts featuring the most liked Mr Capybara’s posts were launched. From a desire to awaken the economy after lockdowns, T-shirts were manufactured with extra care in a local factory in my hometown in Siberia.
Would you like to know more?
Feel free to get in touch to find out more about the project or possible collaborations.
Disclaimer: All the brand names and logos seen on this page were used for visual purposes as a part of the portfolio and not for commercial purposes.
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