From pattern development to final product.
Seven-fold necktie
Pushing the boundaries of traditional men's fashion to transform everyday accessories into statement pieces.
"It's nice to see even classics like a necktie can still be reinvented."
- L'officiel Magazine, Brazil
Drawing inspiration from a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and tropical aesthetics.
Inspired by the rich history of Italian tailoring and the boldness of Brazilian fashion, I decided to create my version of the long-forgotten elegance of seven-fold neckties. Even though the popularity of these ties declined in the past due to high costs, I believe we're returning to appreciating slow fashion and seeing accessories as art.
To challenge the dominance of silk, for my choice of material, I selected a local textile factory in Santa Catarina offering a range of vibrant cotton jacquard fabrics, giving each tie a special feel and style.
The art of folding
Designing ties without the need for lining by using the fabric itself as the structural foundation transforms ordinary accessories giving a flowy and three-dimensional feel. Through careful calculations discovered during extensive research on ties and fashion history, I ensured precise measurements for each sewing pattern. Every tie is hand-stitched, with a discreet button on the inside allowing for a glimpse of the intricate folds.
Photo by Hal
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
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