Finding beauty in simplicity
The perfect hoodie
Product design, Tech pack development, manufacture control, product presentation and concept illustration.
In 2021, amidst a year defined by lockdowns and remote work, I was commissioned to design and manufacture the ideal piece for these unprecedented times: the hoodie. Recognizing its status as both comfortable and on-trend, I set out to refine the fit and elevate quality. Opting for soft cotton fabric in warm tones of cinnamon and blush pink, I ensured cosiness for the chilly autumn and winter seasons. The resulting capsule collection featured hoodies and joggers in three versatile colours and five inclusive sizes.
In response to the outdoor restrictions of 2021, I embraced the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors for the initial product photoshoot. Seeking to infuse a touch of nature into the presentation, I paired our hoodies with nearby natural elements. This creative approach not only captured the essence of outdoor living but also added the visual comfort of nature-inspired aesthetics.
Photo by Jacob
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